Why should Car Dealers be accepting crypto?

Sell you car

Reach New Markets

The simple answer is that there are millions of crypto users globally sat on digital wallets containing crypto-currency. They want to buy products. They can buy watches, jewellery, clothing, meals but as of yet only a very few car e=dealers globally are equipped to accept crypto-currency. The process is as simple as a bank transfer or card payment, but has numerous advantages.

Sell you car

Numerous Advantages

It is an immediate, secure transaction, funds becoming available immediately once payment is made.

The transaction is anonymous for the buyer. This means that high net worth individuals can maintain privacy from public scrutiny. The funds can be instantly converted to Sterling by the car dealer. Fluctuations in currency can be ignored. If a request is made for £30,000 then £30,000 sterling is received.

Car dealers can cash out the full amount to their bank account immediately, or retain an element of the funds in crypto as an investment.

Take the lead

Crypto is a common used currency across the globe, the UK is lagging behind. Just as with the internet 20 years ago, it is too big to be ignored. Those car dealers that accept crypto payments will be giving themselves access to a huge market at every price point.