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Did you know?

McLaren only made 765 of these cars worldwide, which means that if you owned one of these you would be apart of 0.0000001% of the worlds population that drive one of these around.

What is Autocoin?


AutoCoin is an automotive industry cryptocurrency specifically for buyers and sellers of vehicles globally.

Created with security, speed of transactions and low cost, The AutoCoin meets ll the demands of buyers and sellers across the globe.

Should a private individual want to sell their vehicle locally the car can be advertised free of charge on our car sales portal website. Buyers can actually buy using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other currencies which are converted via our exchange into AutoCoin, or the option to cash out into local currency at rates far lower than traditional banks or money processing companies.

Car dealers can offer all of their stock for sale to crypto buyers and have the option to cash out all of their payment in real time, or hold some AutoCoins in reserve as an asset.