Used Lamborghini For Sale

The raging bull - Lamborghini. A place in motoring history for some of the most ferocious and stunningly styled cars ever made. The Countach really established Lamborghini as a crazy supercar manufacturer but many people forget the stunning Jalpa and Muira which were without a doubt early design classics. As the crazy Lamborghini Countach bowed out of production the Diablo picked up the mantle of out and out styling madness and supercar performance and sold well. 


For many years Lamborghini and Ferrari have fought between them to create the most exotic of Italian supercars. The unspoken battle between the two has created some magnificent models over the years but the two manufacturers have stamped their own identities on their respective brands. Lamborghini has created some real monster cars over the years, the more outrageous the better according to their fan base. Angular and aggressive in their stance with a huge masculine kerbside appeal. Body aero adornments and huge wheels combined with gull doors and low height make all Lamborghinis unmistakable. A real love affair with the V12 engine ensures that they are unmistakable when heard also, and ar ethe choice of many macho types looking to impress.