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The Ferrari brand is synonymous with high-performance sports cars and the occasional GT. Early classics such as the Ferrari Daytona and Ferrari GTO command astronomical sums and with so many recent cars, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Ferrari F40 becoming almost immediate classics its no wonder that the Italian marque has such a huge following.

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  • Buying a used Ferrari has been on the wish list of many people. There is something elegant and charming about the prancing horse that few of their rivals have been able to replicate. For sure, Lamborghini has the raging bull logo and ethos but the raw power and spitting noise and energy of Lamborghini somehow do not quite have the style and class of the Italian Marque. Used Ferrari's are elegant as well as beautiful. Pininfarina designed works of art that also offer speed and thrilling driving experience. Also, factor in one of the most successful Formula One teams in the history of the sport and you start to realise the true attraction and passion that so many people have for Ferrari.

    Where to Buy a Used Ferrari

    The choice f where to buy a used Ferrari come down to exactly which used Ferrari model that you are looking for.