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Land Rover Range Rover has been a mainstay of the farming and off-road community in the UK for many years. Originally relatively agricultural, with the Range Rover carrying an element of prestige (even under British Leyland ownership) the quality was historically questionable to say the very least. However, in more recent years the Range Rover Land Rover range has increased and the Range Rover brand particularly has pushed itself very upmarket. The Range Rover Vogue and Sport have been very successful models over the years and many have chosen these over top-end luxury offerings from the likes of BMW, Mercedes and even Rolls Royce. The commanding driving position, ease of access as well as comfortable, safe travel for 5 adults added to the appeal. When build quality and reliability issues were overcome then the brand really started to fly, previously under BMW ownership and later TATA of India along with Jaguar. 

Range Rover now is considered (and rightly so) a premium brand and has been influential in the entry to the new SUV market of many manufacturers. The SUV market has taken sales from traditional high-end saloon models so Jaguar, BMW and even now Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche have models in this lucrative and essential sector. What's wrong with mixing performance, comfort, and style with a commanding driving position along with a little off-road ability, even though many of these vehicles will only ever have to struggle with wet leaves in Chelsea. Inevitably, when Victoria Beckham became involved in the styling of the Range Rover Evoque then the World's attention was focussed on style and fashion. 


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