McLaren Senna For Sale

Finding a used McLaren Senna for sale


The McLaren Senna, already something of an automotive icon. Named after the F1 driver Ayrton Senna (McLaren Automotive and the Senna family holds the rights to use the Senna name, the McLaren Senna is based on the McLaren 720S. Mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, the Senna delivers around 800bhp from its twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Creating incredible downforce, the Senna is a road-going track car and is unashamedly designed and created for track use. Adjustable rear spoiler and huge air intakes aid both cooling as well as giving prolific downforce. Indeed, McLaren claim over 1.5 tons of downforce and with the crazy power levels the Senna hits 60mph from standstill in just 2.8 seconds. 

Where To Buy A McLaren Senna

The Senna is still in production and available to buy new. However, there are a number of McLaren Senna models hitting the used car market that are available to buy. The initial cars commanded a huge premium, such was the desire from buyers, but prices of the McLaren Senna have now settled somewhat. McLaren is taking orders for the Senna in their showrooms and some have physical stock of Mclaren Senna cars available for sale and the price depends somewhat on specification and extras added to the base car. However, we hear recently that of all of the 500 cars made, all of which are hand-built, all have now been sold so the only option to own one is to find a used McLaren Senna for sale. The McLaren Senna is effectively a road-legal track car that has a huge number of adjustable options that assist track use, including suspension and aero aids. 

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Used McLaren Senna Options

There were a huge number of options available as additional extras on the McLaren Senna. Some of these mouthwatering extras include the following:

  • Full carbon fibre bodywork at a cool £170,000
  • Upper glass door panels - £5,000
  • Bowers and Wilkins sound system - £5,500
  • Colours are totally customisable with over 100 colour swatches available
  • Bespoke paint finish £9,500
  • Extended carbon fibre door sill with McLaren logo - £1,600

The most popular colours for a used McLaren Senna?

  1. Pure White McLaren Senna for sale
  2. Red McLaren Senna for sale
  3. Blue McLaren Senna for sale
  4. Green McLaren Senna for sale
  5. Black McLaren Senna for sale
  6. Yellow McLaren Senna for sale