Jaguar XJS For Sale - V12, 3.6 and 4.0 Jaguars

Looking for a Jaguar XJS for sale? This iconic piece of Jaguars motoring history is rapidly becoming something of a classic and an appreciating asset, highly collectible. The XJS was the replacement for the Jaguar E-Type and was launched in the late 1970's to mixed reviews. In a time of fuel shortages the 5.3 V12 engine didnt go down too well and the styling took a little 'getting used to' to say the least, after the flowing lines of teh stunning E-Type Jaguar. very much a 2+2 with hard to access tiny rear seats, the overall length of the Jaguar XJS mainly accommodated the magnificent V12 engine, the only production V12 at that time.

The Jaguar XJS was a well appointed car with a 3 speed auto transmission and air conditioning as standard at launch. Electric windows, central locking, stereo,  leather seats and allowy wheels made the Jaguar XJS appear very good value when commpared with its immediate rivals from BMW and Mercedes. Wafting along in luxury and having a top speed of over 150mph certainly gave the XJS a presence on the road, and it quickly became a perfect continent cruiser GT car. 

When looking for a used Jaguar XJS for sale the obvious starting point is the V12 5.3 range topper. Why not start with the halo model. There are, of course many things to consider when looking to buy a used Jaguar XJS though and we will cover some of these below.