Jaguar XJ220 For Sale

Are there many Jaguar XJ220 cars for sale? Well, when you consider that there were only 220 manufactured anyway there can't be too many around that are being offered for sale.

The Jaguar XJ220, apart from being one of the most beautifully stunning cars ever created was Jaguar's attempt to cash in in the late 1980's economic boom and to create a statement car that would lift the status of Jaguar globally through this halo model. Originally conceived with a V12 engine and a top speed of 220 miles an hour, with full-time 4WD, the reality became somewhat different as the project started to turn from concept to reality. Firstly the sheer weight of Jaguar's own V12 engine, along with its size meant that an alternative lighter and more powerful engine was required. Hence the turbo V6 engine derived from the Group B Rally car the Metro 6R4. In a further weight shedding exercise, the 4WD was ditched in favour of a lighter and easier to implement rear-wheel drive.

When the Jaguar XJ220 was launched Jaguar sales were on a high, with waiting lists for both the saloon and the XJS. The TWR Jaguar XJS V12 was enjoying great popularity and Jaguar intended to show the world what its design and engineering departments were capable of. A lightweight and high tech car capable of 220mph, limited to 220 cars and, unsurprisingly for the time, priced at £220,000. Ambitious to say the least but when the first pictures of the car were released the order books started filling rapidly, from serious car collectors to rock stars and actors. The celebs, including Elton John and The Sultan of Brunei, ordered XJ220s, (the latter in luminous green paintwork) and the motoring press were loving the Jaguar XJ220. The reality was somewhat different, however. The XJ220 was launched at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1998 and was announced with a V12 engine. A deposit of £50,000 was required and orders started piling in quickly for what was, at the time the fastest car on the planet with a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds and a top speed estimated at 220mph. 

When the car eventually reached production the V12 had been dropped in favour of the twin-turbo V6 was being offered at a whopping £475,000. Many potential buyers tried to cancel their orders citing the huge specification changes but far more likely was the collapse in supercar sales due to the global economic downturn. 275 cars eventually found owners. The car was track tested at Nardo and hit speeds of 217mph on the banking. This would easily translate to over 220mph on a straight road. 


Where to Find a Used Jaguar XJ220 For Sale

There are a number of these iconic 1980s cars changing hands although many have now found what will most likely be their permanent owners. Surprisingly for such a short run of cars, Jaguar XJ220s were available in left-hand drive and right-hand drive versions. We are aware of Jaguar XJ220s being offered for sale at just over £500,000 and the price is dependent to a degree on colour and mileage. The classic Spa silver launch colour seems to be the one that interests most people and a left-hand drive version sold recently at Silverstone auctions for £303,750