How Can I Buy A Car With Cryptocurrency?

So, bitcoin has been around for over 10 years now, and there are countless cryptocurrencies that are well established. A question that many people ask though is how can I buy a car with cryptocurrency? Well, the reality is that it is now pretty easy to purchase a car with bitcoin or any of the other popular cryptocurrencies. In reality, it always has been, by cashing out of crypto but for a number of reasons most crypto holders and investors prefer not to do this.

Historically if someone wanted to use their crypto digital assets to buy a physical asset such as a new or used car, the only real option that was available to them would be to cash their crypto through a traditional regulated exchange. This is fine if they have an account set up but the costs associated with cashing out bitcoin or other crypto assets through an exchange are often excessive. There is also another issue with cashing out crypto through an exchange. Once the usual KYC and AML checks have been carried out the crypto is converted and paid into the user's designated bank account. Often with associated transfer charges also. However, many crypto users prefer total anonymity and would ideally like the opportunity to use their crypto directly to buy from the seller. Once the crypto is exchanged for local currency it instantly is 'in the system' and becomes income that needs to be declared to HMRC. Of course, this is the legal and recommended route that Autocoincars would suggest, but finding a car dealer that will accept cryptocurrency directly is challenging to say the least. 

Finding a Car Dealer That Accepts Cryptocurrency

The next challenge that a car buyer has is that of finding a car dealer that understands and will accept cryptocurrency. This is harder than people imagine as there were, up until recently only a very small number of car dealers that accepted bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, is a relatively new car portal offering new and used cars for sale to bitcoin and cryptocurrency buyers. A simple process that allows buyers using cryptocurrency a huge choice of new and used cars for sale where they can buy using their crypto. Buyers have realised that there is little point using traditional car sales portals such as and eBay as they still face the huge challenge of finding a dealer that will accept cryptocurrency, so what most car buyers are doing is using Google to search 'buy car with bitcoin' and finding car sales portal.

Buying a Car With Cryptocurrency - an Easy Process

The stages after finding the car sales portal for bitcoin buyers is simple. 

  • The buyer searches the car portal to find a car of their choice, be that new or used
  • The buyer then contacts the dealer and confirms that they will accept their cryptocurrency
  • Once confirmed, the buyer negotiates with the seller in the normal way
  • When a deal has been agreed on, the buyer contacts Autocoincars and agrees the cryptocurrency to be used and the agreed rate of exchange
  • When all of this is agreed the buyer sends Autocoincars the required amount of crypto to cover the agreed balance with the car seller
  • Once converted to local currency, Autocoincars pay the dealer the agreed balance
  • The buyer is then available to collect the car that they have bought with cryptocurrency

Autocoincars is an advertising portal for sellers to advertise their cars that are for sale to crypto users. Autocoincars are also the payment processor between buyer and seller but are not involved with the actual deal between seller and buyer. FCA registered, Autocoincars have sold a huge number of cars in the UK and overseas to crypto buyers. We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Ethereum and many of the leading cryptocurrencies.