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In celebration of the companys 25th anniversary Lamborghini released a further updated and slightly restyled version of its celebrated Countach It was unveiled at the 1988 Italian Grand Prix at Monza and would become the most memorable and widely recognised Countach and it is fondly remembered by enthusiasts for not only its signature style but also the welcome updates that it brought to the 15-year-old Countach platform The Countach is a styling icon of the 1980s and it still commands attention and respect wherever it travels today Horacio Pagani was tasked with updating the iconic Gandini-penned bodywork He chose to tweak the nose and redesign the air intakes to more effectively channel air to the Girling ventilated front disc brakes At the same time the rear bumper also received subtle styling changes Other notable changes were made to the body air intakes located just behind the door which received thicker body colour stakes and to the two-piece forged alloy wheels In total he made almost 500 subtle changes over its predecessor the 5000 QV the new Countach retained the same striking visual panache and incredible performance that Lamborghinis customers had come to know and love Inside Lamborghini upgraded the Countachs relatively spartan appointments to include all-new power windows and power seats A newly designed steering wheel was fitted as was a more powerful air conditioning system Overall the new Countach was comfortable but quick with an estimated top speed of 295 kmh with 0100 kmh in under five seconds even by todays standards its still a hugely capable car In the 2 years that the car was produced from 88 to 90just 658 were built For more information please contact our Lamborghini Sales Team on 44 0 1772 663 777 Excellent bodywork Beige Full leather interior - Excellent Condition Left-hand drive Metallic Rosso Perlato The UKs largest selection of SuperCars Please visit wwwamarisupercarscom to see our stocklist 324750


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