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  • Manual

  • 5.0L

  • Petrol

  • Vehicle Mileage


  • 2 Doors

  • Coupe

  • Red

The Ferrari Testarossa - the flamboyant 80s icon From Miami vice to Rivera jet-set the Testarossa was the embodiment of the extravagant 1980s The car was loved by royals celebrities and titans of industry throughout its production run Unveiled to the world the night before the opening of the 1984 Paris Motor Show at the famed Lido nightclub on the Champs-Eacutelyseacutees in Paris the Ferrari Testarossa was and still is an ambassador of an era It represents lart de vivre a time of magnificence With a 5 litre flat 12 engine producing 385bhp and 410nm of torque it was one of the quickest cars in the world at its launch reaching 180mph flat out Since the launch of the car in 1984 at the Paris motor-show its sold close to 10000 until world wide with 438 RHD cars coming to the UK UK Supplied available at Kaaimans Red 1 owner The Home of Iconic Automobiles Kaaimans International 249975


When it comes to prestige cars, nobody can guarantee that their choices in vehicles are the best and their finds are the one-of-a-kind. Nobody could claim to find you the very best automobile in the model that you want. Nobody can crack the code of those premium brands like Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Porsche, and so on. Nobody but us. Why nobody but Kaamian? Because Kaaimans International are the experts. They are one of the reliable dealerships of Autocoincars. The years of experience gives them the expertise to understand these vehicles and the skill to handle them as efficiently as possible. They guarantee the best quality and the best prices for any premium cars that you get from them. Come to Autocoincars with a dream car in mind and leave it to us to find that car, no matter how old or how new. Or if you want to visit this dealership, be assured you won’t end in vain.

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