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McLaren only made 765 of these cars worldwide, which means that if you owned one of these you would be apart of 0.0000001% of the worlds population that drive one of these around.

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  • 4.9L

  • Manual

  • 2 Doors

  • Petrol

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  • Silver

  • Coupe

The Ferrari BB was first introduced in 1971 at the Turin Salon as the 365 GT4 BB and was a major move forward from the outgoing Daytona most notably due to the mid-mounted flat-12 engine This change in engine location was Ferraris attempt to move away from a GT car and more into a supercar a direct rival for the Lamborghini Miura and subsequently Countach The car we are offering for sale here was delivered new to Rome Italy in November 1982 It was specified from new in Argento Metallizzato over Sabia hide both of which remain original today The car has been well cared for by its small handful of owners and maintains a comprehensive service history during its time in Europe and more recently the United Kingdom The 512 BBi is one of the first fuel-injected cars to come from Maranello and its mid-engined layout makes it one of the most stunning designs to come from Pininfarina Contact us now for more information or to arrange a viewing of this iconic car Full leather interior Left-hand drive Silver 239950

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