Buy and Sell Classic Cars with Crypto and Bitcoin

Buying and selling classic cars with Bitcoin and Crypto-currency has never been easier and more secure. 

Historically a dealer would advertise his classic car stock to a relatively limited local market. But with the advent of the Internet, that exposure autmatically grew, expanding significantly the number of oopportunities to buy and sall classic cars. One of the issues selling some of these classics was that of trust. From the buyer the trust that the classic car was as decribed and the seller had the potential payment issues and costs of transaction to consider. As classic cars are obviously unique then each transaction is unique, regardless of payment by Bitcoin or traditional funding methods. 

As more cars are now being transacted between countries, often being bought unseen by investors, the age of digital communication has facilitated an increase in sales. Pictures and videos can be sent of every detail of the classic car being purchesed and any request that the buyer has can be addressed within minutes.

Car transportation is now easier than ever, with cars crossing the oceans daily, moving between buyers and sellers. It is relatively inexpensive to ship cars these days, all fully insured and with minimal risk. So the new markets available to classic car dealers should, in theory never have been better. Clasic cars appeal to investors as well as enthusiasts. Bitcoin and crypto currency users often have an interest iin classic cars and to many they are now easily affordable. Many Bitcoin buyers for example bought their Bitcoins around $40 and are now worth in excess of $5,000 - a massive return. Turning this huge digital investment into a tangible asset such as a car makes a lot of sense to many of them and have overcame the technical and legal issues with transacting classic cars with crypto. 

Payment by Bitcoin and crypto for classics is now straight forward. The buyer and seller agree a deal, the dealer contacts Autocoincars with the local currency balance required. We take the equivalent crypto currency from the buyer and convert to local currency (Sterling, $ etc) then pay the dealer prior to the car being released. Should the car be travellling overseas and the buyer wants to purchase a little more security then there is an escrow service available to retain part funds until the buyer is happy. An independent panel are on hand to assess any discrepancies and mediate.

So, offering classic cars for sale to Bitcoin buyers makes a lt of sense. Safe, secure and a huge global market that traditionally classic car dealers wold not be exploiting. Why not sell Jaguar E-Types to the USA or Gulf States to investors. Classic Aston Martins over to Japan, you name it. We all know that the world is rapidly becoming an international trading place and modern technology has ensured that it is faster and more secure than ever before.