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World's First Ariel Atom Sold for Crypto - Making History!

  • 14 Oct, 2022
World's First Ariel Atom Sold for Crypto - Making History!

What a phenomenal time it is for our team here at AutoCoinCars! We have made cryptocurrency history by selling the world's first Ariel Atom for cryptocurrency.

You may have already seen some local news coverage of this, or if you are a true AutoCoinCars fan you may have seen the announcement on social media. But we're here to announce it officially on our blog for you!

I wonder if we can call up the Guinness Book of World Records for this achievement?

Last month we had a very unique customer that was looking to purchase not just one, but two cars! The first was a Land Rover Defender, but more interestingly, the second car they wanted to buy was an Ariel Atom...

We get all types of customers at AutoCoinCars, luxury supercar buyers who want Lambos and Ferraris, electric enthusiasts who want a Tesla, and everyday motorists who want a VW Golf. This gem of a customer wanted to buy a rare custom kit car - the Ariel Atom.

Cars made by Ariel are few and far between as they are all hand-made by a team in the UK. Only a handful can be found on the used car marketplace.

Luckily we had an exquisite Ariel Atom for sale at our partnered dealership - SuperCar Clinic.

The customer bought the Ariel Atom with Bitcoin!

Luke, COO and Co-Founder of AutoCoinCars, thanked the team at SuperCar Clinic for their extremely positive customer service which was noted by the customer upon the sale.

Thanks to our secure crypto payment processing, this customer walked away with 2 new cars paid for with Bitcoin.

Find out all about how the sale went and see us load the car into a delivery trailer to send it on its way to the customer in our latest YouTube video.

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