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Why invest in an electric vehicle?

  • 8 Mar, 2022
Why invest in an electric vehicle?

Have you thought about purchasing an electric vehicle, but are still unsure?

We have put a few reasons together as to why it might be the best option for you! 

Low Running Costs

As you are no longer having to pay for petrol or diesel, it means that charging your vehicle is actually a lot cheaper for you. 

It is extremely unlikely that you will be paying more than £3.50 per charge, which gives you 100 miles range! 

Cheaper Tax

The tax costs are actually covered by government incentives to encourage people to buy more economically friendly cars

As global warming is becoming more and more of a problem each day, ride on electric vehicles are being promoted a lot more, to stop the increase of CO2 emissions.

Better for the Planet

Electric cars produce fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars.

There are many low emission zones (LEZ and ULEZ zones) around London, where you’re only allowed to drive hybrid or electric vehicles. If you drive anything else through these zones you will have to pay a charge per day of driving in these areas.

(Read more on the London emission zones on the TFL site).

Why you should consider investing in an electric vehicle

Helps You Develop Better Driving Habits

Most new hybrid and electric vehicles now come with a driving assistant mode. This helps you to drive more fuel economically, whilst showing you how to avoid high revs, encouraging gradual braking.

As this system is designed to help you drive more economically, it also means that it allows you to become a better driver.

High Resale Value

These coming of age cars are highly technical with more added features than a petrol or diesel car.

Generally speaking, electric cars depreciate less over time compared to the usual petrol and diesel engines.

Therefore, when it comes to finding yourself a new vehicle, you will be able to sell your electric car for a higher price than a standard fossil fuel car.

If you’re looking into buying a new electric vehicle, check out our stock or contact us today!

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