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Where Can I Buy A Car In UK With Bitcoin?

  • 23 Jan, 2020
Where Can I Buy A Car In UK With Bitcoin?

Do you want to buy car in UK? This question is becoming ever more popular. Where can you buy cars in UK using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

Holders of Bitcoin, especially in the UK own a digital asset that is not always easy to transact. There are retailers that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but many people have expressed an interest in purchasing vehicles using their crypto, and why not?

Spending their digital currency on a car makes a lot of sense for the buyer. They may well have bought their Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin etc at a very low price and may well be sat on a nice healthy profit.

But cashing this currency, i.e. converting to sterling involves using an exchange that can often be costly. Finding a car dealer that accepts cryptocurrency is the ideal solution.

However, until now this has been difficult. Many car dealers simply do not understand crypto and do not realise that they can accept a bitcoin payment that is instantly converted into their bank in sterling. They request the amount in sterling and the exact amount is received and converted to sterling.

Fast, safe, secure and much lower costs than a card payment. In most cases, the buyer will be happy to pay the transaction fees as this is less expensive than converting their digital cash via an exchange.

If you want to buy car in UK, you can find car dealers that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Car dealers are becoming more aware that there is a new and rapidly growing market for buyers wanting to use cryptocurrency to buy cars. Not just in the UK but across the globe.

The ease of transacting using crypto and AutoCoinCars, a dedicated automotive cryptocurrency means that transacting cars globally is becoming a quick and easy option for many buyers.

Supercars, classic cars, and performance vehicles are especially suitable but there are many people that own just a few Bitcoins, often circa £20,000 value that would welcome the opportunity to buy a car using Bitcoin.

See more information about AutoCoinCars, launching initially in the UK and why car dealers should be accepting cryptocurrency in Global Finance and Banking magazine

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