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When Nokia Ruled the World?

  • Julie S.
  • 13-Nov-2019

I Phone’s seem to have been here all our lives. Setting out to the office a few weeks ago I asked my 16 year old to fetch my apple that I had left in the kitchen. He came back saying it wasn’t there. I was, of course, referring to my pack up, Apple to him is a chrome device.

Car dealers embraced the mobile phone, and why wouldn’t they. Check out valuations with colleagues whilst at the auction, arranging a de-brief pint after work and – oh, the nokia phone car dealersoccasional enquiry maybe?

Heady times. And when text messaging arrived, albeit in costly bundles of 100 per month then we were away. Communication like never before.  The staple choice of most dealers was the best selling Nokias. Staggering (by today's standards) battery life of a few weeks, robust, light and high tech – looking anyway. Nokia globally had never had it so good.

But a certain Steve Jobs had bigger ideas. Laughed at initially, his computers and first I phone were far from the finished article. However, public desire and acceptance resulted in the first company to reach $1 Trillion valuations recently. How smug he would feel if alive. And an element of – I did tell you.

How many cars are sold starting with a Google search on a mobile? We all have a good idea and recognise how critical the internet is to the basic survival of car dealers. 20 years ago we remember selling websites to car dealers, with the response along the lines of – won't catch on, or – its for geeks.

So let’s talk geeks. And cryptocurrency.

When we talk to the younger generation, and that isn’t the 16 year olds, they talk of bitcoin acceptedcrypto as being the norm. Many use it daily and across the globe, crypto is used in day to day life for transactions and purchases. Their view is very clear. When in the UK, not if.

So the message is clear. Embrace new technology or be left behind. There is nothing illegal or insecure about crypto. Request a payment, receive your funds and have your money in your bank, in sterling, in seconds. Very high security, low transaction cost and the opportunity to sell to a rapidly growing new market.

Why wouldn’t you?

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