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The Electric Car Revolution

  • 11 Feb, 2021
The Electric Car Revolution

Car sale stats from 2020 made it clear that hybrid and electric cars are truly being adopted in society now.

Their sales were the only area within the car industry that didn’t fall into a negative percentage in comparison to 2019.

So, what's all the fuss about, why are they so good now?

I’ve looked into some of the best electric cars available on the market right now!

Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one…

The obvious car to talk about first is Tesla!

If anyone hasn’t heard of tesla you really must have been living under a rock, they have been storming the market with their futuristic, world-leading designs.

The Electric Revolution - Auto Coin Cars

Buy Approved Used Teslas

The Tesla Model 3, not only is it fast and full of incredible Tesla tech, but it’s also the most affordable car they’ve released. Thanks to Tesla’s superfast charging network as well you won’t feel too inconvenienced by the charge-up time.

Got a long journey to make as well? The Model 3 has an impressive mileage range of 360 miles!!

If this sounds up your alley prices for a new one start from £40,000-£50,000. Browse our range of Tesla cars for sale.

Want a car that can rival the speed of the Tesla?

The Electric Revolution - Auto Coin Cars

Buy a Used Porsche Taycan

You might have to pay a little more than the Tesla, but the Porsche Taycan is a fierce new electric car out on the market!

There’s no denying the sleek design gives it desirability to the eye. The speed and acceleration will make this a thrill to drive.

The battery technology is impressive as well, after just 6 minutes of charging you could perform up to 60 miles of driving.

While the range is less than the Tesla at 301 miles the sheer quality of the build inside and out makes this worth every penny.

Starting from £70,000 this is a high-class electric car. Take a look at our Porsche cars for sale.

Looking for something a bit more budget-friendly?

The Electric Revolution - Auto Coin Cars

Buy Electric Fiat Cars

The Fiat 500 Cabrio is an impressive little motor! If ever there was a car made for today’s city commutes this is it!

The small frame makes it’s handling responsive and it will fit into the tightest of urban car parks. The light steering makes it feel really smooth so it will be a pleasure to drive.

While this is perfect for your everyday worker don’t count it out for long drives either as it can go 185-267 miles (depending on usage).

Just to top it all off as well, the actual top comes down, this fantastic little fiat is also a convertible!

If this seems more ideal for you then you’ll only be looking to pay £14,000-£15,000 for a new model. Have a look at our Fiat cars for sale!

Need a little more room for all the family?

The Electric Revolution - Auto Coin Cars

Buy an electric BMW

The BMW iX3 should be at the top of your list! This stunning SUV is joining BMW’s growing i-series of electric vehicles.

Designed to contest the Mercedes EQC and Tesla Model Y this new BMW model will be epic! The smooth steering and handling are better than its rival which makes it a comfortable ride for all passengers.

The 286hp will really make this car a thrill to drive! Whether it’s a family SUV or a thrill-seekers mountain climber, this car will truly give a top-level driving experience.

With an estimated mileage of 278, this bold BMW will be a great electric model to rival the classic engines.

While it’s not officially been launched yet the prices are looking around £60,000-£65,000 so it’s not the cheapest of SUVs for a family budget, but the performance and comfort will make it worth it.

Take a look at our electric BMW cars for sale.

While these may be all the shiny new models in 2021 there are still plenty of great models in the used market for those who might be looking to convert to a hybrid or electric car on a smaller budget.

Which car is your perfect electric car match?

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