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Should You Buy an Electric Car?

  • 28 May, 2021
Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Choosing a car to buy can be a tough decision, there are so many makes and models out there!

There are a number of different factors that help us choose what car we want.

  • Price
  • Engine Size
  • Fuel Type
  • Brand
  • Vehicle History

To name a few!

One of these factors that will be increasingly important in the coming years is the fuel type.

In the UK the government is set to ban the purchase of new petrol and diesel cars.

From 2030 onwards hybrid or electric vehicles will be the norm.

Hybrids will be given a further 5 years to 2035 and then they are also set to be phased out.

Second-hand cars will be unaffected by the ban so used car dealers and buyers will not be affected as greatly by this change.

However, new car sales from 2035 onwards will have to be purely electric cars.

To help ease the conversion from fossil-fuel-powered cars, the government has set a budget of £1.3 billion to be invested in electric vehicle charge points for homes, streets and motorways across England.

This is just one of the positive reasons towards buying an electric car.

The issue in the past has always been the lack of charge points, thus making accessibility difficult and long journeys harder to plan.

With this government scheme in place this problem will decrease over time.

So what might put you off buying electric cars?

Currently, in comparison to fossil fuel cars, electric cars are more expensive to purchase so if you don’t have a particularly large budget it may not be the right choice for you right now.

There are promising signs however for future grants to be put in place by the government to help reduce the cost of electric vehicles. 

Electric cars also tend to have a shorter mileage range than petrol or diesel vehicles.

If your usage for the vehicle is small commutes then that is not going to be much of an issue for you as electric vehicles have the best mileage lifespan if they are being run at around 30-50mph. 

However, if you use your vehicle for longer journeys quite frequently then your mileage will be decreased by around 50-100 miles depending on the electric vehicle you choose in comparison to a fossil fuel car.

Now for some reasons why you should buy an electric car.

Both air and noise pollution are significantly reduced with an electric car, as well as eliminating fossil fuels which heavily pollute and as a resource is becoming more scarce.

So, overall an electric car is kinder to the environment.

A money-saving bonus with buying electric cars is there is no road tax!

Usually, with fossil fuel cars diesel cars have the highest road tax and petrol cars are more expensive depending on age.

By buying an electric car you will cut out your monthly/annual tax cost.

Another great money saver with an electric car is the cost to run them, it is significantly less than paying for petrol or diesel.

Depending on the size of your battery, an electric car will cost between £0.50-£10.00. That’s in comparison to an average fuel cost of £50.

Think about how many miles you do on a monthly basis and how much you could save!

Over the past year, the number of car brands releasing more amazing electric models has been incredible!

There’s such a great range to choose from, many of your favourite brands and models that you are already familiar with have an electric or hybrid model available.

Have we persuaded you to go down the electric route?

Browse our selection of electric cars for sale and find the perfect car for you.

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