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Safely Buying a Car with My Crypto

  • 22 Mar, 2021
Safely Buying a Car with My Crypto

To many people, the idea of cryptocurrency is still quite new. Let alone spending your crypto.

However, here at AutoCoinCars, we’ve been trading in crypto for years. We have sold hundreds of vehicles through cryptocurrency.

We’ve helped car dealerships across the country continue to make sales and reach a new audience throughout the pandemic.

So how does it look for the customer?

What does that journey look like and how did they find the experience?

Buying a Car with Crypto - Customer Review

James recently bought a Mercedes-Benz E Class 2.0 E220D.

We asked James to describe the buying experience for us...

“First off I was thrilled to find a UK company that was accepting crypto payments instead of being about trading.

I’ve held Bitcoin as well as a few other small amounts of crypto for a few years now and have good knowledge of the market.

The thing I really wanted was to actually be able to spend my crypto rather than constantly exchanging it and having to watch the value.

For about a year now I’ve been in a great new job in Surrey and have been thinking about upgrading my car to suit the new role.

I knew I wanted a Mercedes, that much I was certain of, so next, I needed to find a dealer near me with a model I liked at a good price. 

Being in lockdown I had to look at dealerships in and around Surrey and London. I found a few models from different dealerships that I really loved.

I was comparing between the 3, looking at the history, the price, the specs, everything. Then on one of the websites, I noticed their home page said ‘Crypto Payments'.

This was with Paragon Cars. I called them and asked about it, they told me they’d put me in touch with someone called Luke from AutoCoinCars.

I had a call with Luke and he explained the whole process. I would still be buying the car from Paragon, but AutoCoinCars would be sorting the crypto payment out for the sale.

Luke was very helpful in reassuring me and making sure I was happy with how the process would work. I had to do a few wallet checks to ensure I had the correct amount in Bitcoin to buy the Mercedes.

Then did a test payment to make sure the transaction was safe and worked as it should. 

Nice and simple after this I paid the full amount, Luke alerted Paragon that the car invoice was now fully paid and I was safe to click and collect my new car!

It felt so easy! In GBP I would’ve paid £27,995 for the E Class, but in Bitcoin, I paid 0.695 which was great.

The transaction process felt no different to if I was paying from my normal bank account. I was so excited to get my new car and to tell everyone that I’d bought it with Bitcoin!

I felt looked after and well-educated throughout the whole thing by Luke, he made it feel like any other purchase I’ve done in my life.

Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase through them again in the future.

Thanks to Luke and the team!”

Buy an Approved Used Car with Cryptocurrency

At AutoCoinCars we care about our customers and we do our best to ensure every buying experience goes as smoothly as possible.

More and more customers like James are realising they have this amazing option to be able to buy real-world items with their cryptocurrency. 

If you’ve bought a car with us and would like to tell us how your experience was you can get in touch with us or leave us a Trustpilot Review.

If James' experience has helped you decide you want to purchase with us then browse our cars for sale to find your dream car.

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