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Rising Fuel Costs and Shortages. The Era of Electric Car Buying

  • 18 Nov, 2021
Rising Fuel Costs and Shortages. The Era of Electric Car Buying

Over the past few months, we have experienced fuel shortages, panic buying, and now we are seeing the fastest rising fuel prices in the past decade! The average petrol price across the UK is currently 148.9! This is an increase of around 15p per litre since the beginning of 2021. Is this the time for electric cars to rise up and start overtaking the use of petrol or diesel operated cars?

Pros of Switching to an Electric Car

Due to the recent fuel shortages, many electric car drivers were completely unaffected due to the multiple electric car charging stations across the UK as well as many having home charging points. Those of us who still drive fossil fuel cars were having to cancel journeys and queue for hours to get that precious fuel. 

Add on top of that the rising fuel costs and you then have the positive point of how cost-efficient running an electric car is as well as the comfort of knowing electricity is readily available across the country and is a fraction of the cost of petrol and diesel. 

To show you the comparison, this is how significant your savings could be... 

An average petrol tank for a medium-sized car will cost you roughly £64.90 compared to charging an electric motor which will cost an average of just £0.95! That’s a difference of £63.95 each time you fill-up.

The average motorist needs fuel every 2 weeks, so times that saving by 26 and that could be an annual saving of £1,662.70.

If you travel more frequently and need to fuel up on a weekly basis that would be a yearly saving of £3,325.40.

Think of all the things you could use that extra money for throughout the year!

They are environmentally friendly! Electric cars have zero emissions, their engine operates on a closed circuit, which means that they do not emit any gases that are associated with global warming.

The technology behind electric cars is great and is continuing to improve. One of the cons that some people have about electric cars is the limited range compared to a petrol or diesel car. However, the battery and engine technology are constantly improving and evolving to be more efficient and to have increased range.

If you are not ready to fully commit to an electric car you also have a great option with a hybrid car, in fact, you may find that transitioning to a hybrid may be better as it will be smoother to go from a fossil fuel car to a hybrid, then to an electric.

Rising Fuel Costs and Shortages. The Era of Electric Car Buying - Auto Coin Cars

Is the UK converting to Electic Cars?

At AutoCoinCars we have seen a significant increase in views of electric cars on our website over the past year. After doing some research across the automotive industry we found that other sites were noticing an increase in electric car searches as well.

On average, interest in electric vehicles has gone up a whopping 62% since 2020 with a significant percentage of this being shortly after the fuel crisis in September.

Is this enough to sway you to buy an electric car?

At AutoCoinCars we have hundreds of partnered car dealerships in the UK, we even have some who are specifically electric car dealers. The best part is that you can buy any of our electric cars and hybrid cars with cryptocurrency. We accept a range of crypto payment methods including eco-friendly cryptos such as Nano and Ethereum.

Browse our stock or contact us for more information.

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