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Is Volvo moving online? Is this a Good Solution for All Dealerships?

  • 11 Mar, 2021
Is Volvo moving online? Is this a Good Solution for All Dealerships?

Last year AutoCoinCars wrote about how mixed experiences can be when visiting a car dealership showroom which led to the thought...are they still necessary?

So, what do you think of Volvo announcing it is aiming to transform its retail business by moving to a more mixed approach of online and offline?

Last week the automotive headlines were booming when Volvo said they were moving online!

I’m looking into what their plan is and how this could be a great plan for other brands and car dealerships in the UK.

A quote from the official announcement said:

“Volvo Cars is fundamentally modernising and upgrading the way its customers buy, lease, subscribe to and service their cars as it works towards its ambition to sell 50 per cent of its global volume online by 2025.”

“Volvo Cars believes customers want the same kind of modern, hassle-free retail experience when buying or servicing their car that they enjoy elsewhere...Volvo now needs to transform to meet future consumer demands head-on.”

“Volvo customers will soon be able to move with ease between online and offline, allowing them to save time and money by undertaking much of the buying process online, while maintaining the ability to visit a retailer in person as and when necessary.”

They couldn’t be more right! The world is changing and fast, it is key for businesses to keep up with the times and make moves like this to get ahead of the times.

Over the past few years, the online retail marketplace has grown astonishingly! 2020 and 2021 in particular have shown that the Covid-19 pandemic has heavily influenced this and almost been a catalyst for the increase in businesses moving online, and the growth in online sales.

Car dealerships have mostly always been the traditional type of business where you would expect to go and look around a showroom, talk to a sales advisor, and buy a car in person.

However, even this is changing now. The fears over health and safety from covid has meant a lot of people have been buying cars online and acquiring them through a safe click-and-collect or delivery service.

In all honesty, I don’t think the car industry will ever fully go online. Cars are just one of those things that the majority of us would always want to see in person before spending our hard-earned money on, and that’s fair enough. 

But, car dealerships need to seriously consider how important it will be to provide a good online experience. Whether it’s viewing vehicles, buying them, or simply looking around the marketplace, if your online presence is none existent or looks like it was made years ago you need to act fast and change this! 

Dealerships that can nail both online and offline experiences for their customers to perfection will be the ones winning in the business! It’s no longer going to be enough just having a shiny showroom with smiling staff, you need to be an all-round business!

Lex Kerssemakers, Head of Commercial Operations at Volvo Cars says:

“As the world around us changes rapidly, and consumers interact with the Volvo brand in even more ways, we need to make sure that every interaction adds to their total Volvo experience. This is key to our commercial transformation and why we focus on a seamless interaction between online and offline. Today’s investment is another milestone as we create a modern, personalised customer experience together with our retailers.”

I couldn’t agree more! By improving your retail experience both online and offline you’ll be increasing the chances of a sale and will see more returning customers and growth to new customers through organic online growth and word of mouth.

AutoCoinCars can help you even further with expanding your customer reach by allowing you to accept cryptocurrency payments as well as advertising your stock on our online marketplace.

The future of car sales is here! Don’t get left behind.

To find out more contact us or sign up as a partnered dealership.

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