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How to prolong the life of your car

  • 8 Jul, 2022
How to prolong the life of your car

With the prices of everything increasing, you want to prolong the life of your car for as long as possible, to get you from A to B.

In this blog post, our team here at AutoCoinCars will be giving you some of their top tips on ways to keep your car running for longer.

The average life of a car is 8 years, but with these tips, you could have your car on the road for an extended period of time ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Keeping your car running for longer could be as simple as just keeping your engine oil topped up, or monitoring your brake pads. However, there is a lot more to it than that.

Without further adieu, here are our top tips for keeping your car in pristine condition.

Change the air filter regularly

Did you know that a dirty air filter can slightly decrease the mileage on your car?

It’s an extremely fast, and easy job to complete, and it keeps your car running for longer. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be changing your air filter regularly.

You can easily change the air filter yourself, or most car shops such as Halfords, and euro car parts will be more than happy to give you a helping hand.

If you’re unsure of how to change this yourself or the location is unknown, it’s always a good idea to check your car's user manual.

Let your car’s engine heat up enough before driving off

Driving your car when the oil isn’t completely heated up can strain the engine massively, resulting in a decreased engine life.

Waiting for your car’s engine to heat up to 90 before you drive off can really help to keep your car healthy, and in tip-top condition.

If for any reason, you can’t wait for the engine to heat up, drive off slowly and carefully. Driving off slowly can give your engine time to warm up without putting too much strain on it.

Wash your car regularly

This may seem pretty self-explanatory, but what many people don’t know is how much harm not washing your car for long periods of time can actually do.

Build up of natural dirt, grit, dead bugs and pollution can lead to very costly bodywork. Within four years, if you fail to keep on top of cleaning your car, you can start to see the effects of rust and missing paint.

If you want to keep on top of cleaning your car, you can read our previous blog post here to increase your knowledge of the best car cleaning products out there to use.

Turn on your Air Conditioning

Air Con is a feature in your car that needs to be used, if not the gas could end up potentially leaking and inevitably cause more harm than good.

Turning on the Air Conditioning can also help to reduce moisture in the car and keep the windows clear. In the long run, this can help to preserve the interior and keep it in great condition (meaning less you have to fork out for!).

It is recommended to run your Air Condition for 10 minutes, once a week, every week. It is helpful to do this, even in winter as it releases the pressure of gas build-up.

Top up fluids regularly

Failing to replenish your car's fluids regularly could lead to major consequences. You should be checking your engine oil, engine coolant, and screen wash at least fortnightly.

Using the correct products is essential for your car's health. Never attempt to use household items, such as washing up liquid for screenwash as it contains other additives that can damage your paintwork.

It might seem like such a tedious, long-winded task to complete these checks on a regular basis but these checks are what can be the difference between your car running for 8 years, to 12.

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