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How to Buy a Car with Bitcoin

  • 12 May, 2021
How to Buy a Car with Bitcoin

There are multiple avenues you can choose now to buy a car with Bitcoin in 2023. Here are our top choices for how you can buy a car with Bitcoin.

You can buy directly from a dealership that accepts cryptocurrency, buy from a private cryptocurrency seller, or buy a car with Bitcoin from a regulated company.

Round-Up of the Best Places to Buy a Car with Bitcoin

  1. AutoCoinCars
  2. Direct from Dealerships
  3. Crypto Emporium
  4. BitPay Merchants
  5. BitCars

Hundreds of thousands of people are trading Bitcoin trying to judge the market on when to buy and sell. However, there are many crypto holders worldwide who are looking to spend their crypto.

In particular, Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to be adopted by large corporations. 

AutoCoinCars is the leading marketplace in the world to buy a car with Bitcoin.

Hundreds of dealerships across Europe have partnered with AutoCoinCars to securely accept crypto payments.

Dealers advertise their stock through the marketplace like they would on other platforms such as Auto Trader, Motors etc.

The key detail that makes AutoCoinCars stand out, is that you can transact in cryptocurrency.

Let’s say you have enough Bitcoin to buy a car, how do you do it?

First, search the AutoCoinCars portal for the model of Tesla you want.

Secondly, you enquire about the vehicle with us. We will then give you a quote for the car in Bitcoin based on the live market rate.

Next, we contact the dealership for you to let them know about your desire to purchase the vehicle.

As you would with any other purchase you can go and view it, ask questions, test drive etc.

Once you are happy with the vehicle, the dealership will send us the invoice amount. The payment is then completed with you and us. 

We do a test transaction for safety to ensure you have the correct funds and verify the payment securely via the blockchain. 

Once this is done you can then pay the rest of the amount in your chosen currency, in this case - Bitcoin.

From there we handle the rest and pay the full invoice to the dealership.

As soon as that is complete you can take your new car home.

It is that simple!

5 easy steps for how to buy a car with Bitcoin summed up:

  1. Choose a car.
  2. Enquire and choose a crypto payment option.
  3. View the car (if you want!).
  4. Pay the invoice with AutoCoinCars.
  5. Take the car home.

If you want to buy a car with Bitcoin in Europe, browse our cars for sale and get in touch today.

So, what if you're not based in Europe or can't find the car you want on AutoCoinCars? What are your options to buy a car with Bitcoin then?

How to Buy a Car with Bitcoin (Non-EU)

If you're looking to buy a car with Bitcoin and AutoCoinCars can't help, don't worry, you still have options.

Crypto Emporium is a great option for those based in the US.

You can search for dealerships near you that accept crypto payments.

Or, look for merchants in the automotive industry who have crypto payment partners such as BitPay, NowPayments, etc.

If you're in the market for a really specific luxury car, another option is BitCars.

Bear in mind, if you cannot see a luxury car on the AutoCoinCars marketplace if you're an EU resident, we can help process the Bitcoin payment if the seller is commercial.

Overall, there are plenty of options in 2023 for you to buy a car with cryptocurrency. With over 25,000 cars for sale on our marketplace, AutoCoinCars is revved up and ready to help you buy your next car with Bitcoin!

*Article updated August 2023.

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