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Hello 2021 Plates!

  • 1 Mar, 2021
Hello 2021 Plates!

March is here again! It really hasn’t felt like that long since last year…but here we are at that time of year again when we get a brand-new registration plate number!

Things are a little different this year though. Not just because of Covid, but Brexit as well.

Let’s start with Brexit.

It’s not too big of a change, and most of you won’t have to worry too much about this. Any new plate created after January 2021 may no longer have the GB EU symbol on it.

This is due to the Brexit deal going through in December 2020, the symbol no longer accurately represents the status of Great Britain or the European Union.

Note, this does only apply to new plates! So, you don’t need to go cutting off the logo from your car. If you plan on travelling, you’ll need to get yourself an oval GB sticker too.

As you may have seen in our recent blog, we’re seriously loving all the new electric cars coming out this year.

While there are many amazing new models coming out you will also be able to get yourself a new “green car plate” this plate will have a green flash on it to show that your car is fully electric!

This new plate has been designed to identify electric vehicles on the road.

How is Covid affecting the new 21 plate release?

We’ve already talked about how Covid affected car businesses and sales over the past year, but the reality is until showrooms can open up again on April 12th many businesses will still see some difficulties.

Stats showed that car sales were dramatically down because of the closure of showrooms and the restrictions on how businesses could continue to sell vehicles.

March would usually be one of the best sale months in the year thanks to these new plates, this year could be different though.

Will we see the March surge delayed until April when people can once again have a physical viewing in a showroom, or will the effects of the virus still deter people from going out even then?

Time and profits will soon tell…

It’s not all tragedy though!

We’ve seen plenty of businesses hosting virtual events and taking video bookings to still be able to get their hands on this brand-new plate hot off the line!

It’s clear that the desire for the new plates is still as prominent as ever, but are buyers willing to buy before they try?

Would a virtual tour be enough to seal the deal for you? Or would you want to wait another 6 weeks to see it for yourself?

Hello 2021 Plates! - Auto Coin Cars

We’ve seen many buyers happy to click and collect or book home deliveries to secure their new rides with the new reg.

Businesses are also looking like they’re placing orders for the new plates as usual.

Volvo Trucks have tweeted to say they’ve sent off new trucks today!

So, what will you do? Are you going to wait till April or do you simply need to get your hands on the new 21-reg plate now?

Browse our auto cars UK and buy yourself a new ride today!

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