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Fiats plans to electrify the future

  • 15 Jun, 2022
Fiats plans to electrify the future

In recent news, Fiat announces that they will only be selling electric cars in the UK from July this year. 

All of its new models are now available with electrified powertrains, meaning that the move is being made towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable future. 

In 2021, Fiats releases were 60% electric, with the Fiat Tipo and 500X being the last two cars to receive a hybrid powertrain. 

The Italian automaker is all for the future of electric vehicles, with a whole page on their website explaining the benefits of owning an electric Fiat car.

With the year 2030 slowly creeping up on us, it’s definitely interesting to know exactly how many other automakers will jump on the trend of stopping the production of petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines. 

Abarth and Fiat’s UK boss Greg Taylor mentioned: “This step in Fiat’s history marks a pivotal point in our commitment to providing affordable and sustainable mobility solutions for all of our customers.”

We saw the biggest annual increase last year, with more than 305,000 electric vehicles registered showing a growth of 74% in 2020. An additional 130,000 plug-in vehicles were sold in 2021 compared to the number that was sold in 2020.

The Fiat 500e is currently only available in 2 states in America, Oregon and California. Although this is currently an extremely difficult vehicle to get your hands on, it will soon become available to a much wider audience. 

Fiat has acquired many companies over the years by acquiring and buying shares in companies like Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo which have all hinted at moving towards a more electric future. 

By 2027 in Europe, you can expect to see all non-electric Fiat vehicles off the road, and worldwide by 2030.

Fiat has some plans to release more electric cars soon, so you can get ahead of the game and get your hands on one before the new era of Fiat starts.

Will more car brands and manufacturers follow Fiat and jump on the trend of a more electric future?

It’s safe to say that the earth is shining brighter since learning about this information, and we are too!

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