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E10 Petrol Update | What You Need to Know

  • 14 Sep, 2021
E10 Petrol Update | What You Need to Know

Petrol is changing?!

What is this new E10 fuel and what does it mean for you?

The good news is that most of you probably will not have to worry about this update. Diesel drivers don't worry! The new fuel only affects petrol.

But, for those of you with an older petrol car or motorbike, you are going to want to read this…

Is your car from 2011 or older? Or do you ride a motorbike?

The new E10 petrol is a different petrol grade to its predecessor the 95 octane or E5. For those of you in the UK, all petrol stations will have now changed over to the new E10 formula. If you are in Northern Ireland you have got a little more time as the change over is not happening till early 2022.

So what exactly is E10? How is it different from the standard 95 octane (E5)?

E10 petrol is a more eco-friendly type of petrol containing up to 10 per cent ethanol. This new formula will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

E10 is a mixture of standard petrol and ethanol made from materials including low-grade grains, sugars and waste wood. The new mix is expected to help cut CO2 emissions across UK roads by as much as 750,000 tonnes per year.

E10 fuel is already used widely across the world, in Australia, Europe and the US.

The UK Government have introduced this new 10% renewable energy fuel to help our country in reaching our climate targets.

What happens if you use the E10 in a car not compatible with it?

The consequences of using E10 fuel with a non-compatible car are not as disastrous as you may think. Your car will still run okay.

However, prolonged use of the wrong fuel type can start to cause damage to your car.

If you ride a motorbike we advise you to check the advice on your fuel, but, the use of the wrong fuel with your bike’s tank can be much more dangerous.

Unlike filling a petrol tank with diesel fuel you won’t have to drain your tank. We would strongly advise checking to ensure you use the new E10 fuel and not the old standard E5 if your car is compatible. Not only will it cause long term issues but the old E5 petrol will also cost more and will only be available at service stations with dual petrol pumps that have both standard and super fuel.

How can I check if my car/bike is compatible with E10?

If you want to check if this change affects your vehicle you can check your car model with the government's checker here:

Petrol pumps will be clearly labelled to help you in recognising this new fuel.

If your vehicle or bike is not on the government checklist you can always check your advisory information near or inside your fuel cap. Alternatively, you can get your vehicle checked out at your local garage.

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