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Does an Electric Car Have More Resistance than Non - Electric Ones?

  • 16 Jan, 2020
Does an Electric Car Have More Resistance than Non - Electric Ones?

Electric Vehicles – More Than Resistance?

I did hear a few days ago – or did I dream it may be, that some white coats had finally cracked the development curve to such a level that a battery suitable for cars can be recharged in around ten minutes. That’s some serious crackle power if it’s true. But I simply still can’t get my head around electric cars.

Is it me, a middle-aged petrol head that used to get off on Saturday mornings grinding valves and fitting twin-choke Webber carbs to old Fords? Is it nostalgia, fear of change or is it that I may be just a stick in the mud here?

After all, the torque of even the most modest EV offerings looks incredible, let alone the outright performance figures. Even Porsche is involved now, I should be excited – shouldn’t I?

So what’s putting me off? Is it their eerie silence maybe, or the range anxiety that, without a doubt must wreck the driving experience once the first 50 miles have been wasted away? When my fuel light comes on I have around 70 miles to find some more diesel.

When a battery is dead, you stop, end of. And there’s no can of electricity in the boot to top up your tank. Or the lovely Highway Safety Officers with a long enough extension lead.

Is it the charging times and access points? I often set off early hours heading south on a 400-mile round trip, taking in 2 or 3 appointments. Simply impossible in a mobile Duracell. And if I did try, could I find a vacant charging point that isn’t 30 miles off route? And what do I do for half an hour while it does its Frankenstein bit? Sit there talking to Greenpeace about tactical voting in the bay next to me?

If people stop for a moment and study the introduction and development curves of many household technologies such as mobiles, TVs and digital cameras they will realise that their £50,000 ozone saver will be worthless in 4 years. Oops.

I must admit to being as confident as The Borg were when they declared that ‘resistance is futile. Internal combustion engines have had their day - almost.

However, I do feel that the politicians are forcing car manufacturers to create a product that is ahead of its time, necessitates a premium price and that is quite simply not fit for purpose, in either price, range or helping the planet.

Zero-emission economies are a healthy aspiration, but when developing economies are pumping out carbon emissions that made the Victorian era look positively Scandinavian.

A few million cars run out of electricity on the M1 every year, because it’s raining and they need their wipers on, really isn’t going to make much difference.

And don’t get me started on the green credentials of manufacturing electric cars, or the electricity they need to run on.

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