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Do Car Dealerships Accept Bitcoin?

  • 19 Dec, 2022
Do Car Dealerships Accept Bitcoin?

Over 800 car dealerships across the UK are now able to accept Bitcoin payments for their vehicles. Since 2018, when AutoCoinCars was founded, automotive trade dealers have seen the potential customer base that AutoCoinCars offers.

There are over 4 million crypto users alone in the UK, that’s 1 crypto user in every 12 people and that stat is growing each year. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market size stood at GBP 650 million in 2019 and is projected to reach 1758 million by 2027. This shows just how big this market really is.

With the onset of Covid-19, more dealerships are being forced to adapt their selling methods. Online car sales have historically been slow to catch on but with the recent lockdown measures around the world, online car selling has started to gain traction. More and more consumers are accustomed to paying for their cars digitally, which is a massive gain for Bitcoin users.

Which Car Dealerships Accept Bitcoin?

Some of the UK’s biggest independent car dealerships in the UK including Redline Specialist Cars, Essex Prestige and Phantom Motor Company are now accepting cryptocurrency payments and creating huge success for themselves through this new payment avenue. Some dealerships who now accept crypto couldn’t believe the number of crypto users that came out of the woodwork and showed interest in their stock.

The owner of Redline Specialist Cars said “This is fast becoming another route to market for us and all our staff are getting fully up to speed to assist customers. 5 Star service” AutoCoinCars has over 800 partnered dealers that now accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

More and more dealers are realising that there is an untapped market for cryptocurrency users and that’s why dealers are now starting to accept Bitcoin and other leading cryptos as a form of payment by partnering with AutoCoinCars. Not only that, crypto payments offer something else that regular payment methods don’t, such as unmatched transaction speed and modern-day young buyers.

From a customer’s point of view who is wanting to buy their dream car with cryptocurrency, our service is a dream come true. This is because they now have an actual real-world usage for their cryptocurrency, and turning their digital asset into something physical is now possible. 

In addition to this, it is done at a marginal fee which is also a lifesaver for a crypto user as normally they will have to pay astronomical fees in order to exit their cryptocurrency and have it back in GBP.

Accept Bitcoin at Your Car Dealership

With the AutoCoinCars service being 100% free for car dealerships to accept Bitcoin, it’s a win-win scenario for them to sign up to join the future of car sales. With free marketplace advertising and being empowered to accept cryptocurrency free of charge, it’s an easy choice to make!

If you’re a car dealer thinking about signing up, you can check out our Trustpilot reviews from both our customers and our partnered car dealerships to see why they love the AutoCoinCars service so much.

Sign up today to get your car dealership to accept Bitcoin!

How Can You Buy a Car with Bitcoin?

With all these dealerships partnered with AutoCoinCars, you're probably wanting to learn more about how it works now right?

Check out our helpful article on how to buy a car with Bitcoin for more insightful information.

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