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De Tomaso P72 For Sale - Rare Supercars For Sale

  • 8 Nov, 2022
De Tomaso P72 For Sale - Rare Supercars For Sale

Do you have a penchant for exquisite and rare supercars? Perhaps you would be interested in one of these stunning De Tomaso P72 supercars for sale, first announced at The Goodwood Festival of Speed, in July 2019.

The De Tomaso P72 took to the track and received a frenzied welcome. Shades of the Jaguar XJ220 in profile, the attention to styling detail was like something never seen before. Breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful, the car sounded as good as it looked, and that is high praise.

Offered for sale at $850,000 plus taxes, the De Tomaso P72 will be available to just 72 buyers as a part of the re-introduction of the brand. The history of De Tomaso is well documented. with a partnership between Italian Alejandro De Tomaso and Carroll Shelby to produce the iconic mid-1980s supercars that included the Pantera.

The engine for the P72 is as yet unknown although logic would suggest a screaming V8 to maintain the traditions of the De Tomaso brand as well as the looks and nature of the P72. 

The rose gold wheels, mirrors, and interior suggest something particularly special and it is hard to imagine a hybrid motor sitting behind the driver in such a stunning-looking car.

The P72 is built around a carbon chassis that was originally developed by HWE, a supplier to AMG. And guess what - no flappy paddle gearshift but a manual stick - what joy.

De Tomaso P72 For Sale - Powertrain Update

Finally, De Tomaso has released some information about the powertrain for use in the stunning new P72, announced at Goodwood earlier this year.

Historically De Tomaso has always used Ford engines and it looks as if the P72 will continue this trend with a Roushe-tuned supercharged V8 delivering a whopping 700+ BHP. What's equally exciting is that the massive power and torque will be delivered through a 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Ford engine redlines at over 7,500 rpm and promises a power curve “reminiscent of the purity of natural aspiration” as well as a soundtrack similar to V8-powered American performance cars of yesteryear. Exciting stuff.

The engineers focused on minimising the sound generated by the supercharger in an attempt to mimic the noise of a normally aspirated engine as much as possible to evoke the heady sound of American muscle cars from the 1960s.

The P72 has been developed as a GT with an engine that will fully comply with emissions regulations in European markets. A “symphonic exhaust system” is being promised, more details to follow.

Using the Ford Mustang GT's 5.0-litre supercharged V8 as its base, owners won’t have problems getting replacement components since the engine benefits from solid after-sales support with many parts available.

The De Tomaso P72 will be produced in only 72 examples, with each carrying an estimated starting price of €750,000 (about £650,000). For such a stunningly beautiful car with promised performance to match we think that this represents an absolute bargain.

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