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Cryptocurrency Attracts Car Buyers: Here are Some Fascinating Facts

  • 14 Sep, 2020
Cryptocurrency Attracts Car Buyers: Here are Some Fascinating Facts

Why Does Cryptocurrency Attract Car Buyers?

In recent years, the allure of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, has captivated car buyers around the world. With over a decade of existence, Bitcoin has gained recognition as a legal and established currency. HMRC recently declared that crypto gains must be reported in year-end tax returns.

Cryptocurrency has already garnered substantial investment, ensuring its continued presence in the financial landscape. In fact, major banks are exploring ways to incorporate blockchain and crypto into their own operations. Apart from Bitcoin, other prominent cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and BitcoinCash are gaining popularity.

Early investors in Bitcoin were able to amass tremendous wealth, while the volatility of its price continues to present lucrative trading opportunities for many individuals. High-net-worth investors have included crypto as part of their investment portfolios, accumulating significant fortunes. Additionally, numerous day traders possess a substantial number of bitcoins stored in their digital wallets.

Until recently, however, using cryptocurrency to purchase tangible assets proved challenging. This changed last year when a few retailers began accepting Bitcoin as payment. Notably, Starbucks in the USA and Microsoft have embraced crypto, and an increasing number of businesses are following suit. AutoCoinCars is amongst the first in Europe to be accepting crypto payments.

So, what makes car buyers interested in using cryptocurrency?

Purchasing a car with crypto offers several advantages. The estimated 4 million crypto investors and traders in the UK alone possess substantial amounts of money, making the ability to use it for buying cars an attractive prospect. Crypto transactions provide anonymity, allowing high-net-worth individuals to discreetly acquire day-to-day vehicles, high-performance luxury cars, or even classic cars as investments.

Until recently, finding car dealers that accepted cryptocurrency was a challenge. Traditional car portals were of little use, as most dealers were not equipped to handle Bitcoin transactions. However, with the discovery of, a leading result for the search term "buy a car with Bitcoin" crypto buyers can now choose their desired vehicle.

Why are car dealers interested in accepting cryptocurrency?

Crypto-related car sales offer an additional revenue stream for dealers. These sales would likely not have materialized without the involvement of crypto buyers. Moreover, cryptocurrency buyers tend to be straightforward clients to deal with. They appreciate the opportunity to spend their crypto on luxury items, and due to limited options for cryptocurrency transactions, they are actively seeking places where they can use their digital assets.

For car dealers, accepting cryptocurrency entails no risk. The cars are paid for in crypto, which is then converted through our regulated service, and the dealer receives payment in local currency before releasing the car. It's a hassle-free way to generate extra sales.

While this phenomenon is relatively new, cars are being sold and paid for with cryptocurrency on a daily basis. Just as the internet was once a novelty two decades ago, the forward-thinking car dealers of today are capitalizing on this opportunity and reaping the benefits.

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