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Buy a Tesla with Nano

  • 29 Oct, 2021
Buy a Tesla with Nano

From the Tesla Model X to the S to the 3 and more! We have an incredible range of Teslas in stock on the AutoCoinCars marketplace. All of our cars are available to buy with crypto.

A lot of the crypto community have been asking “Can I buy a car with NANO?” or “When can I buy a car with Nano?”. The answers are Yes and Now! AutoCoinCars are proud to announce that we have partnered with Nano and can now accept $NANO payments.

So why partner with Nano?

This partnership has been brought in due to the fast and secure nature of the Nano coin. Not only that but Nano is also one of the first sustainable coins on the crypto marketplace. 

We believe in the technology behind Nano and appreciate their values.

If you are a Nano holder, AutoCoinCars will be the perfect solution for you to safely spend on real-world things.

We think our business is now at the perfect time to partner with Nano.

There are two key reasons why we think Nano is a perfect fit as a digital currency solution for AutocoinCars:

It is lightning-fast.

Sending money across the counter or around the world is almost instantaneous.

It is eco-friendly.

It doesn’t rely on mining or other machines to hold its value. Nano has a carbon-neutral footprint.

Luke, COO of AutoCoinCars has said:

“With us already pioneering the future of car sales, the natural progression is then to partner with one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world to bring on board to speeds of the transactions. Their charity work and holistic approach is also something we appreciate and respect.”

The AutoCoinCars live rates refresh every 30 minutes so you can see how much your Nano is worth in real-time, and more importantly, can you afford the car of your dreams with it? Our rates are taken from across multiple exchanges to ensure the average is correct to the current market value.

Director at the Nano Foundation, George Coxon said:

“To be able to spend your nano on an electric vehicle such as a Tesla and other real-world large purchases is a watershed moment for nano being used as a true currency. We are so pleased to be working with the AutoCoinCars team and are so excited for further market places to launch under their umbrella.”

As well as Tesla for sale we also have thousands of electric cars, approved used cars, and more available to buy with nano.

We have over 500 partnered dealerships across the UK for you to purchase from.

Browse our Tesla stock below or contact us for more information.

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Proton Savvy 1.2 Style 5dr
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