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Best Supercars of 2021: Unleashing Performance and Style

  • 23 Jan, 2020
Best Supercars of 2021: Unleashing Performance and Style

In our ongoing series featuring the top picks from automotive experts, we've partnered with Knights International to bring you the best supercars for various driving scenarios. Whether you're embarking on a thrilling journey to Monaco with your family or seeking an exhilarating solo drive through the countryside, we've curated a list of extraordinary vehicles that embody power, elegance, and unmatched performance. Join us as we explore the best supercars of 2021!

Best Family Supercars

When it comes to accommodating your loved ones without compromising on the supercar experience, these family-friendly models combine practicality with speed and luxury.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso: Unleash the Italian V12 Majesty

Driving from Italy to Monaco, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso offers a remarkable experience. Take the scenic route via Menton towards Sainte-Agnes and enjoy the melodious roar of the V12 engine bouncing off the picturesque rocky walls. With its spacious interior and captivating design, this grand tourer easily drowns out any noise from the backseat, allowing you to savour every moment of the journey.

Aston Martin Rapide AMR: Timeless Design and Exhilarating Performance

Capturing hearts with its timeless aesthetics, the Aston Martin Rapide AMR is a supercar that exudes elegance and power. Its naturally-aspirated in-house V12 engine delivers an intoxicating soundtrack as you cruise through the Alps, leaving heads turning wherever you go. While retaining its sleek appearance, the Rapide AMR ensures an unforgettable driving experience for the entire family.

Tesla Model X P100D: The Pragmatic Superstar

For those seeking a balance between tranquillity and performance, the Tesla Model X P100D offers an oasis of calm amidst the chaos. Equipped with advanced autopilot capabilities, you can relax while your children enjoy the ride. The Model X's unique falcon-wing rear doors not only add a touch of drama but also make parking in tight Monegasque spaces a breeze. Experience the future of automotive luxury with this electric marvel.

Best Supercars to Drive

best supercars to drive in 2021 - red ferrari

When the open road beckons and you yearn for an invigorating driving experience, these supercars deliver unmatched performance and excitement.

Brabham BT62: The Pure Racing Thrill

In an era of turbos and hybrids, the Brabham BT62 stands as a testament to unadulterated power. Designed primarily as a racecar, lucky owners can also unleash its prowess on public roads. With incredible downforce and full-carbon brakes, the BT62 rewards those with a bold spirit. Just remember to maintain good relations with your neighbors if you decide to ignite its engine on a Sunday morning.

Ferrari LaFerrari: A Legend in the Making

Despite its peculiar name, the Ferrari LaFerrari will be remembered as one of the marque's all-time greats. Combining menacing yet handsome styling, a groundbreaking 950bhp hybrid drivetrain, and engineering excellence derived from Formula 1 expertise, the LaFerrari is a driver's dream. It effortlessly commands attention, and with careful maintenance, its value is poised to skyrocket in the coming years.

Lexus LF-A: Japanese Brilliance and Reliability

Embrace the captivating V10 symphony produced by the Lexus LF-A's 4.8-litre engine. Built with exceptional craftsmanship and impressive handling, this Japanese masterpiece delivers an unforgettable driving experience. Benefitting from Toyota's renowned reliability, the LF-A has become a sought-after supercar, with its value surpassing its original sale price. Discover the captivating story behind its creation and appreciate its timeless appeal.

Best Show Supercars

best show supercars of 2021 - white McLaren P1

For those seeking automotive treasures to cherish and admire, these iconic supercars epitomize beauty and sophistication.

Porsche 911R: A Modern Classic

Amidst the disappearing manual gearboxes, the Porsche 911R emerges as an instant classic. Fusing the best elements of the 991 GT3 RS with the allure of a three-pedal setup, the 911R is a collector's gem. While the introduction of the 992 GT3 Touring has somewhat softened its desirability, now is the perfect time to acquire this water-cooled 911 masterpiece.

McLaren P1: Part of the "Holy Trinity"

Standing alongside the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918, the McLaren P1 completes the illustrious "Holy Trinity" of hypercars. As the most affordable model within this trio, the P1's breathtaking aesthetics continue to captivate enthusiasts. Its allure surpasses even its successor, the Senna. Prior to purchase, it is essential to evaluate the battery pack's condition, as its longevity impacts the car's performance. Rest assured, McLaren's expertise ensures a remarkable driving experience.

McLaren Speedtail: Futuristic Design and Unparalleled Luxury

While the Aston Martin Valkyrie holds a special place in our hearts, the McLaren Speedtail takes its spot on this list. Exuding an unconventional yet functional design, the Speedtail pays homage to the iconic McLaren F1 while offering a futuristic twist. With its unique seating layout and aerodynamic curves, it promises an extraordinary ownership experience. The Speedtail's value is expected to soar over time, reminiscent of the revered F1. Its sleek body also makes it a delight to polish and maintain.


Embrace the realm of supercars with these exceptional vehicles, each catering to different desires and driving scenarios. Whether you seek a family-friendly supercar, an adrenaline-fueled driving experience, or a showpiece to treasure, the 2021 lineup offers an array of options to suit every automotive enthusiast's taste.

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