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AutoCoinCars’ Top Car Picks of the Week

  • 2 Nov, 2021
AutoCoinCars’ Top Car Picks of the Week

At AutoCoinCars our partnered dealerships are constantly getting incredible new stock in. We love checking out the latest and greatest. This week we have asked our team members to choose a favourite from the new selection.

We told the team to choose the car they would like to own the most regardless of the cost. Plus, we asked them what cryptocurrency they would want to buy the car in if they could.

Which of our team’s choices would you go for?

First up we have our Marketing Manager

They have chosen this MINI Convertible 2.0 JCW currently for sale with Scott Hardy Ltd for £31,991.

AutoCoinCars’ Top Car Picks of the Week - Auto Coin Cars

Why a MINI convertible?

I have chosen this MINI Convertible as it is a versatile, reliable car that packs a punch and is ideal for all situations. The small frame makes it perfect for the amount of city driving I do as well as my visits to the countryside.

I have always loved the look of a MINI, for such a small car the engine is impressive. I have never been someone who would go for “big ticket” cars or supercars, I would always choose a smaller eco-friendly car over a luxury or supercar every time. The only thing that could have possibly made this MINI more perfect would be if it was a hybrid or electric.

Overall, I cannot fault this classic car, it has to be my top pick for the week.

What crypto would you pay with?

I would love to be able to pay with Nano. Their ethos and eco-friendly values resonate strongly with me. The fast transaction speed is also a bonus as I could rely on a quick sale to take this car home the same day.

Next up we have our Graphic Designer’s choice:

They have chosen the Nissan Skyline 2.6 GTR V SPEC available to buy with cryptocurrency from Exclusive Autos Ltd. Sale price is £189,950.

AutoCoinCars’ Top Car Picks of the Week - Auto Coin Cars

Why a Nissan Skyline?

Firstly, I really like the midnight purple, it is an extremely rare colour which makes this car unique which I think is a positive quality for a car. I am also quite a big fan of early 2000's cars. I grew up watching the Fast and Furious film series with my dad. Tokyo Drift was one of my favourites. This led to me wanting to learn more about modified cars and JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars.

You of course have the bonus of it being fast which would definitely make it a thrilling car to drive. There are downsides to my choice of course. It may not be too suitable for all UK roads and would turn into an uncomfortable ride for long-distance journeys. I also wouldn’t say it is suitable for daily use so this would definitely be a second car for rally days, meetups, fun drives etc rather than a practical use car.

What crypto would you pay with?

I would choose to pay for the Nissan Skyline with Ethereum if I could. I think the growth and stability of ETH have shown to be very impressive over the past few years. I support this crypto and believe it will last and continue to grow even further. Supporting adoption and awareness by buying a car with Ethereum would be great for the crypto community.

Finally, our Sales and Account Manager.

They have chosen the Audi RS7 4.0 TFSI V8 Vorsprung Sportback  This Audi is for sale with Performance Club for £102,995.

AutoCoinCars’ Top Car Picks of the Week - Auto Coin Cars

Why the Audi RS7?

I would 100% pick this Audi, firstly because the RS7 kit is a great selling point. The kit shows off the beautiful detailing in the car's design and gives it a very sporty, modern look. The honeycomb grill creates a mean yet sporty look to the car which I like. Plus, the all-black design from the exterior to the interior, provides a sleek look to the vehicle. The driver interface, beautiful interior, and interactive dashboard provide a whole new dynamic and driving experience which is another bonus.

Add on top of that the beautiful v8 rumble you get from the 592 bhp engine. The power in this model would make this exciting to drive. I’ve had Audi’s before and they are reliable and well manufactured so it would be great to upgrade to a model like this.

What crypto would you pay with?

I would choose Bitcoin. I have been following the progress of Bitcoin for many years, perhaps if I had bought into it as early as I had known about it then I could have bought this car right now. The Bitcoin community has a great deal of strength and potential to continue growing and I would like to support the coin by buying a car with BTC.

What do you think of the top cars of the week from our team? Would you agree with them?

At AutoCoinCars we have a wide range of approved used cars available from our partnered dealerships across the UK. Not only do we accept NANO, BTC and ETH, we accept many more cryptocurrencies such as ADA, BCH, LTC and more.

If you would like to buy a car with cryptocurrency, browse our stock or contact us today.

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