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AutoCoinCars Now Accepting Dogecoin

  • 1 Sep, 2021
AutoCoinCars Now Accepting Dogecoin


The cryptocurrency that is based on a meme...

The famous doge has been the icon for this crypto since 2013 and has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to backing from Elon Musk and becoming a listed cryptocurrency on all major exchanges.

As of today, AutoCoinCars is officially adding Dogecoin to our accepted cryptocurrencies!

We are now giving you the opportunity to buy a car with Dogecoin.

When can you buy a car with Dogecoin?

As of today (1st September 2021) you can now buy a car with your Dogecoins through AutoCoinCars.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, also referred to as DOGE, was created in 2013 as a vivacious alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Dogecoin name and logo are based on a meme.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be limited and difficult to min, Dogecoin is intentionally abundant. 10,000 new coins are mined every minute, plus there is no maximum supply. This has meant that DOGE has grown its own unique community of crypto users that back the coin because of its nature.

Why are we choosing to add Dogecoin now?

At AutoCoinCars we have been rapidly growing over the past 2 years. We are seeing crypto sales for cars on a daily basis. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the main cryptos that our customers have chosen to spend. However, on our social media, our website, and through phone enquiries, we have been getting increasing numbers of requests for us to accept Dogecoin. 

We feel like now is the right time to do this. We believe the coin has now grown to a highly competitive level and have been closely following the market both in terms of the value of DOGE and the number of wallets holding this coin. Opening up our business to these users is the right choice to make for us now and we look forward to welcoming these new customers.

Quote from the Founder of AutoCoinCars, Mustansar Iqbal:

“The reason why we have chosen to add this as a new payment method is because we recognise the value of Dogecoin and the power of the community behind it. 

The validity that has come from Elon Musk backing the coin as well has given this a real utility and strength to this crypto. 

We want to give DOGE holders a real-world usage for their coins, and not just have their coins sitting in the crypto ecosystem.”

How can you buy a car with Dogecoin?

Buying a car with Dogecoin is so easy!

Firstly, browse our amazing range of cars for sale. All of our partnered dealerships are approved and are located across the UK. Once you have found a vehicle you want to buy, contact the dealership and let them know you want to pay in cryptocurrency. 

When you have chosen your car we will then receive the invoice from the dealership.

Next, we will then calculate a price for you in DOGE based on live crypto market rates to give you an accurate cost against the GBP price. 

We will then do a small test transaction (usually to the value of £5), this ensures that we can test the wallet to approve the funds. When the test is done you can then pay for your car in Dogecoin. You can also choose to pay part GBP, or another cryptocurrency, and part Dogecoin if you wish!

AutoCoinCars will then convert the Dogecoin into Fiat, we then pay the dealership in GBP into their bank account.

Finally, when the dealership receives the money they will then release the car for you and you can take it home!

The great thing about cryptocurrency is the speed of transactions.

Buying a car with cryptocurrency has never been easier thanks to our quick and easy payment process.

If you are looking to buy a car with Dogecoin you can browse our stock or contact us today for more information.

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