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Advantages of Buying a Nearly New Car

  • 2 Jul, 2021
Advantages of Buying a Nearly New Car

September is creeping closer and the new registration plates draw near. But buying a new car can be very expensive and is not always the best option financially. AutoCoinCars is here to give you our opinion on the advantage of buying a nearly new car instead.

We do still appreciate buying from new, you get to customise it to your preferences and get the chance to add on some optional extras.

However, choosing that route is much more expensive, and all those details add up on the checkout quickly.

You could save hundreds or even thousands of pounds by choosing a nearly new car.

What is a nearly new car?

A nearly new car is one that has already been registered with another owner but is still less than a year old.

Normally when you are buying a second-hand car you have to do some research into its history to find out how well the previous owner has kept it. But in this instance, you don’t have to worry as much about it because they will not have owned it for long.

If you are buying nearly new you are likely to own it for a few years and will be the first owner to really be putting some serious miles on it. 

As long as you are happy with not choosing all the specifications of the car then you are going to be grabbing yourself more of a bargain by buying nearly new in comparison to brand new.

Another option you can go for over a nearly new car that has been previously owned is an ex-demo car. Ex-demo vehicles are likely to have great specifications and added extras as they will have been used to show off that model to buyers. Although these do tend to have slightly higher mileage due to test driving, they are heavily marked down in price.

The price difference between buying a brand-new car and a nearly new one can even be as much as 20% of the car's original value. This happens because of financial depreciation. Once your brand-new car has racked up a few thousand miles or has been owned for a year the value significantly drops from the price you will have paid for it.

Astonishingly your car can drop up to a third in value after more than 3 years of ownership. This is why you are more likely to get a better deal by buying nearly new.

You will still be purchasing a great vehicle, with new specs, new technology in it, a very little history to worry about, all that and more for a great price.

We hope we have helped you see the advantages of buying a nearly new car.

These are a few pointers to stick to when you are looking to buy a nearly new car:

Do your research on the vehicle.

Is it what you want? What is its history? Is the seller trustworthy? Whilst we may like to think that every seller out there is honest and trustworthy there can be issues with covering up faults in the history of a car, dialling back the clock, stolen vehicles and more. Always check the history of the car and do some research into the seller or dealership you are looking to buy from.

Set a budget and stick to it

It can be easy to lose sight of your budget once you are actually in front of so many impressive vehicles at a dealership. We become like a kid in a candy shop, all the powerful engines, shiny colours, fancy gadgets and more! It can be difficult to remember what you are really there to look for and what budget you have to spend.

Take your time and look around

It can be easy to turn up to one seller and just feel like you have to go for that car because you have enquired about it, maybe you took it for a test drive. But, if you are not completely satisfied with it then do not feel pressured to buy it. There are other sellers out there. When you are spending thousands of pounds you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that you are happy with your choice.

Here at AutoCoinCars we have thousands of brand-new, nearly new, and used cars for sale. With almost 10,000 cars listed on our marketplace from approved dealerships across the UK, you are sure to find a vehicle that is right for you.

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