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Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing things in the world right now. With multiple different coins and tokens it’s no surprise that it can be confusing to some. Hundreds of thousands of people are trading these coins trying to judge the market on when to buy and sell.  However, there are many crypto holders worldwide who are looking to spend their crypto. In particular, Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is the first of all the crypto currencies to be adopted by large...
Rebecca C
By law in the UK, all cars over three years old require an annual MOT test and certificate to legally drive on UK roads. MOT stands for “Ministry of Transport” which was the government department that first introduced this test in 1960. Understanding an MOT is important when it comes to buying, selling, transferring ownership, and driving your car safely. An MOT test includes checks on various parts of your car to make sure they meet the minimum standards set by the Driving ...
Rebecca C
2020 was a testing year for economies across the world and still is. In particular, in the UK, we have been struggling with Covid cases and deaths severely. Businesses have shut forever, some can’t open legally under lockdown, while others are still thriving. Times have truly been uncertain. When we take a look at the automotive industry the story seems typical of most businesses. Sales have been affected, staff have been lost, showrooms and test driving hasn’t been allowed. ...
Rebecca C
Are you looking to buy a Mercedes in the UK? Perhaps you're undecided on which model to buy. On the market right now the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is the most popular model currently for sale from the German automotive manufacturer. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is one of the most exciting on the market currently.    The AMG GT is currently available on the following 8 models: Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé Mercedes-AMG GT Night Edition Roadster...
Rebecca C
The internet is buzzing with exciting news from Elon Musk today. Elon made an official announcement to say “You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin”. The Bitcoin payment method is already live on their US site. This news has electrified the news, crypto lovers are ecstatic by this.  Not only has it upped the value of Bitcoin by 3% in the last 24 hours it has also given hope to the crypto community that mass adoption will follow swiftly. In addition to this El...
Rebecca C
To many people, the idea of cryptocurrency is still quite new. Let alone spending your crypto. However, here at AutoCoinCars, we’ve been trading in crypto for years. We have sold hundreds of vehicles through cryptocurrency. We’ve helped car dealerships across the country continue to make sales and reach a new audience throughout the pandemic. So how does it look for the customer? What does that journey look like and how did they find the experience?   James rec...
Rebecca C
Are you looking to buy an Audi R8 in the UK? The Audi R8 has been one of the most popular Audi models for years now! It’s understandable why, they’re fast, they’re stylish and the Audi brand has a great reputation too. So how do the various models of the Audi R8 compare over the past 10 years? We’ll be examining the various models from over the years to help you decide which Audi R8 model is right for you. Let’s start with the old 2007-2012 Audi R8 V8...
Rebecca C.
Over the weekend we saw Bitcoin hit $59,000... Today it has risen past $60,000! We’re in the midst of a global pandemic yet this crypto coin seems to be defying all odds and is continuing to grow.  Reaching over $60,000 means that Bitcoin has more than tripled since the end of last year. So, how has Bitcoin managed to achieve this insane growth even with Covid-19? A few things seem to be having an influence on the coin. Firstly, Covid-19 itself is a contributor to th...
Rebecca C
Last year AutoCoinCars wrote about how mixed experiences can be when visiting a car dealership showroom which led to the thought...are they still necessary? So, what do you think of Volvo announcing it is aiming to transform its retail business by moving to a more mixed approach of online and offline? Last week the automotive headlines were booming when Volvo said they were moving online! I’m looking into what their plan is and how this could be a great plan for other brands and d...
Rebecca C
The old stigma around crypto is fading away. Mainstream coins and tokens are increasing their influence in society. The time is upon us for businesses to increase their customer market and start accepting it, so why is there so much hesitation? Just over a year, ago not many people had really heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, now it’s something we’re seeing in the news, trending on social media, being adopted by large brand names. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are creep...
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