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Lamborghini were the first car manufacturer to accept Bitcoin payments at their dealerships.

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The world of cryptocurrency is growing and evolving at an impressive rate. One of the cryptocurrencies that has shone through recently in the marketplace is Cardano (ADA).  Over the past year, AutoCoinCars has also seen incredible growth and an increase in crypto car sales. We have been looking to expand our accepted cryptocurrencies to help increase awareness and adoption of crypto. From initially only accepting Bitcoin we now have 7 accepted cryptocurrencies. We are extremely excite...
Rebecca C
Petrol is changing?! What is this new E10 fuel and what does it mean for you? The good news is that most of you probably will not have to worry about this update. Diesel drivers don't worry! The new fuel only affects petrol. But, for those of you with an older petrol car or motorbike, you are going to want to read this… Is your car from 2011 or older? Or do you ride a motorbike? The new E10 petrol is a different petrol grade to its predecessor the 95 octane or E5. For t...
Rebecca C
What a weekend for cryptocurrency! If you are invested in crypto then you should have seen the incredible bull-run that many cryptos saw over the past few days. As we all know cryptocurrency has its ups and downs. Similarly to the stock market, there can be many influencing factors that cause peaks and troughs in the market value of cryptocurrencies. The past year has been record-breaking for the crypto industry as a whole.  In the current market, there are 11,710 different types o...
Rebecca C
From September 1st 2021 here at AutoCoinCars we have officially launched Dogecoin as a new accepted payment method! Elon Musk has been a staple in the growth of Dogecoin since its founding. The backing that Elon has given to DOGE has created a large stir within both the car and cryptocurrency communities.  The question that keeps being asked is when will customers be able to buy a Tesla with Dogecoin? Thanks to our unique service, now you can! At AutoCoinCars we are a paymen...
Rebecca C
Dogecoin! The cryptocurrency based on a meme. The famous doge has been the icon for this crypto since 2013 and has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to backing from Elon Musk and becoming a listed cryptocurrency on all major exchanges. As of today, AutoCoinCars is officially adding Dogecoin to our accepted cryptocurrencies! We are now giving you the opportunity to buy a car with Dogecoin. When can you buy a car with Dogecoin? As of today (1st September 2021) you can now buy ...
Rebecca C
The McLaren 720S is one of the most bold, powerful, and agile cars ever created by these amazing British manufacturers. With the McLaren motor racing team being well-known throughout not just the UK, but the world, it should come as no surprise that they have created this stunning vehicle. McLaren have been refining their designs for over 50 years! Their inventiveness and ingenuity when it comes to creating new vehicles is something to be admired. Since the release of the McLaren 7...
Rebecca C
Bentley oozes with sophistication and luxury. With the service provided by AutoCoinCars, you can buy a Bentley with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is difficult not to love any of the Bentley models. However, we have found it easy to choose our favourite… The Bentley Continental GT V8 The Continental GT has all the class of the Bentley name but with the added wow factor of power from the V8 engine! Bentley has said this about the Continental GT V8: “Wi...
Rebecca C
Are you looking for a budget car? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy your first car. AutoCoinCars has an incredible range of approved used cars. We have a wide range of vehicles from your first-time budget cars like a Corsa, to your luxury Lamborghinis. Today we’re going to look at some budget car picks that we currently have for sale for cryptocurrency. The average first-time buyer tends to spend between £500-£1,500 on their car. So with that in mind, we have p...
Rebecca C
With cryptocurrency adoption and popularity constantly growing it’s important to know how to keep your crypto safe. The recent increase in crypto holders, as with any currency, has also led to an increase in hackers who want to steal your digital assets. One of the biggest issues with hacking is being able to track their work, this is often challenging since their footprints can be eliminated digitally.  When a cryptocurrency account is hacked, the wallet holder does not have...
Rebecca C
When you think of Jaguar you are likely thinking of a coupe or saloon car. However, the Jaguar SUV range is just as impressive as the rest of their cars. We are looking into the Jaguar F-PACE and why it is, in our opinion, an underrated luxury SUV. Jaguar themselves describe the F-PACE as: “Our luxury performance SUV brings together award‑winning design, Jaguar performance and intuitive technologies to make every journey feel extraordinary.” (
Rebecca C


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