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Both the Porsche 911 and the Volkswagen Beetle were designed by the same person.

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Lamborghini is no longer manufacturing the Lamborghini Aventador, but, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy one!  Since its unveiling, back in 2011, this stunning Italian supercar has been highly sought after. There have been many variations of Lamborghini over the years.  The Aventador is a manufacturing masterpiece. Production of the Aventador was limited to 350 coupes and 250 roadsters. As of the end of October this year, all new models have officially been sold, m...
Rebecca C
We all have things in life that we are saving for. It could be a house, a holiday, a phone. For many, we all have a car in mind that we would love to own one day. AutoCoinCars have some top tips on how to save for a new car. When we say a new car, we don’t mean a brand new 2021-22 plate, just a new car for you. Your budget could be anything from £500 for your first car to a luxury or vintage car priced over £100,000, or even into the millions. It can be difficult to save ...
Rebecca C
Over the past few months, we have experienced fuel shortages, panic buying, and now we are seeing the fastest rising fuel prices in the past decade! The average petrol price across the UK is currently 148.9! This is an increase of around 15p per litre since the beginning of 2021. Is this the time for electric cars to rise up and start overtaking the use of petrol or diesel operated cars? Pros of Switching to an Electric Car Due to the recent fuel shortages, many electric car drivers were c...
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The past year has been a difficult and busy one for aspiring learner drivers. The Covid-19 pandemic caused huge shortages and backlogs for driving instructors, provisional licenses, theory and practical test booking.  For many new drivers, it has taken a year or more to complete their driving lessons and to pass their driving test. Before the pandemic, most learner drivers could complete their courses and tests within a few months. Waitlists for booking driving tests for many has been a ...
Rebecca C
*Porsche 911 Targa 4 Heritage  from  Silverleaf Cars. At AutoCoinCars we specialise in selling cars for cryptocurrency so that our customers can turn their digital assets into physical assets. Today we are reviewing the Porsche 911 and looking at some of the latest and greatest that we have in stock! So if you are looking to buy a Porsche 911 with crypto you have come to the right place! If someone asked you to name a Porsche model, we bet the majority of you would say...
Rebecca C
At AutoCoinCars our partnered dealerships are constantly getting incredible new stock in. We love checking out the latest and greatest. This week we have asked our team members to choose a favourite from the new selection. We told the team to choose the car they would like to own the most regardless of the cost. Plus, we asked them what cryptocurrency they would want to buy the car in if they could. Which of our team’s choices would you go for? First up we have our Marketing Execu...
Rebecca C
From the Tesla Model X to the S to the 3 and more! We have an incredible range of Teslas in stock on the AutoCoinCars marketplace. All of our cars are available to buy with crypto. A lot of the crypto community have been asking “Can I buy a car with NANO?” or “When can I buy a car with Nano?”. The answers are Yes and Now! AutoCoinCars are proud to announce that we have partnered with Nano and can now accept $NANO payments. So why partner with Nano? This partnersh...
Rebecca C
The Dacia range has been taking the car market by storm! The prices beat out many of their competitors, so are you also getting the quality for these low prices? AutoCoinCars will be reviewing the Dacia Sandero Stepway. For a fair review, we’ll evaluate the car from new. With prices from Dacia starting from £11,945 it’s clear from the get-go that this is a strong selling point for the Sandero Stepway. Even if you were to upgrade for the Prestige model which gives you a...
Rebecca C
A few weeks ago we spoke about The Crypto Rollercoaster. We explored reasons why crypto is volatile and which ones are holding out strong. At the time, we wrote that article Bitcoin was experiencing a small dip due to various external factors such as political and business influences. However, Bitcoin is striking back! Monday morning brought joy to many Bitcoin holders as the cryptocurrency hit $60,000. Today, as of 14:30 pm GMT (19.10.21) Bitcoins’ current value is $62,650.53. ...
Rebecca C
Not too long ago we reviewed the Mercedes AMG GT range and it is safe to say that our customers were definitely blown away with it. Many happy customers have since been enjoying their new cars. This time we are going to be reviewing the Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 AMG Coupe. The C-Class has led the way for the joint partnership between Mercedes and AMG. The C-Class has traditionally been one of Mercedes’ best-performing models in reliability and customer satisfaction surveys. In the...
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