Classic and Sports Cars For Investment |Buy with Crypto Currency


So which are the best classic and sports cars for medium to long term investment purposes? Buy these cars with Bitcoin and Crypto Currency


Choosing a classic or sports car to put away for investment, be that medium or long term can be a decision that is sometimes ruled by the heart as much as the head. We all may have fanciful dreams of buying a Ferrari F40 for investment, or a Jaguar E Type investment car, but there have been proven cars that have appreciated in value significantly over the last few years that many would not have expected to have generated the returns. Who would have thought just 10 years ago that the ugly duckling Jaguar XJS would be climbing in price significantly. Or indeed the many RS Fords that just a decade ago were almost unsaleable. And we are talking the Ford XR2 and XR3 here, not just the Sierra Cosworths and RS Turbos. 

Part of the decision to buy a classic car for investment is invariably driven by the heart as much as by teh head. Unless you are a cold hearted out and out investment type then cars of your past will have had an influence on you, like it or not.